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KAFSC’s Economic Empowerment Program is designed to provide short-term and long-term support through linguistically and culturally accessible classes. We provide our clients with guidance, tools, and resources to design and sustain in obtaining employment opportunities so that they can lead an essential path toward to empowerment in becoming financially independent and self-sufficiency. 

The Economic Empowerment Program offers a wide range of support classes from basic and advanced English courses, computer classes, job skills training, one-on-one job counseling, resume and cover letter building, financial literacy workshops, education scholarships, tailoring and alteration classes, cosmetology classes, and rental and childcare subsidies for up to 24 months, leading them from a place of crisis to living a safe, self-sufficient life based on dignity and respect.  


All of our services are free. Clients are provided with individualized and general assistance depending on their needs and circumstances. With over 32 years of experience serving the Korean / Asian immigrant community in the Tri-State area, KAFSC recognizes that in order to support underserved, marginalized immigrant women and families to achieve self-sufficiency, seamless and efficient service and programs is a requirement.  

Women are highly encouraged to participate. While general assistance (computer/ESL) is open to the general public, individualized assistance (resume, cover letter, interview) is provided exclusively for survivors of gender-based violence. 

Classes Offered





Cosmetology Classes

Tailoring & Alteration


One on One

Job Consultation

Resume and

Cover Letter



Literacy Workshops


We have helped women find jobs as:
  • Nannies

  • Babysitters

  • Hairdressers

  • Office assistants

  • Cashiers 

  • Teachers’ aides

  • Instructors 

  • Restaurant workers

  • Small business owners and workers

The Economic Empowerment Program continues to provide these diverse classes to equip our survivors of gender-based domestic violence to progress toward economic self-sufficiency.


If you are interested in becoming involved with any of the classes offered by the Economic Empowerment Program, please reach out to contact@kafsc.org or call 718-460-3800.